Monday, June 7, 2010

Sounds Of Soul

But Happy to Be Free

Life has been categorized into three aspect,
Single Blessedness
Married Life
and Life Dedicated to the Almightly
but being here Alone is soooooooooo...sad
Where am I belong?

Never for sure that I'm belong to the Priestly-hood.
Am i belong to the Single Life?
I am blessed with people who are there ready to guide me, protect me and embrace me in-spite of my weaknesses.
Yes, I am blessed but is that what it means in Single Blessedness?

I have a Son.
makes my life colorful, meaningful and worthy.
does it also mean I need to inter Married Life.?
What kind of life that be?....

As for now I'm Happy to be free.
Free of any commitment from anyone,
Taking responsibility whole-heartedly,
Committed to God Almighty.

I should balance my thought from the serendipity that I have facing now.
I should take even little chances to make my life worthy.
I should be ready to what the future prepares for me.
and Last I should be thankful for those God's given graces for me.

Thank You God.

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