Saturday, December 8, 2007

the Nine Rivers

!!!!!!!!!!!!! i was so excited when they told me nga mag adventure daw me!
really! i was really excited! dbale nang walang tulugan bsata enjoy namn !......
at frst! it was really hard to cross to a river with a strong current that passes to my feet!
you can feel that your limbs are aching! your veins are about to surrender!

Saturday, November 24, 2007

...... My first time writing this blog! i was really not sure how or where should i start. There are a lot of things blabbering in my mind!!!!! I really dnt know what my blog looks like! bbut in the middle of my brain discussion. i come up of the thought of something that is memeorable to everyone! I decided! to write a Happy Moments with my family, friends, and a lot more which have a memorable moment!.................... First i was really not sure if im going to publish this thing! I was bit shy because of my grammar! but Any ways who cares "Ila D ai Ni!" its my blog! and everyone has a right of privacy ( hehehehe) ....... I can imagine how my blog looks like if Im going to publish it,...

"See 'ya!" just make an impression! and put ur suggestion how will i create a NiCe Blog!..

Good Luck and GodBless!

Maclinalyn Zaportiza

Friday, November 9, 2007

Silent Romance

............ In hiding a relationship! it needs effort! and passion!
its really difficult to anyone who have done this thing! HIDING RELATIONSHIP they will gasp gossip! because of flirty things that they do in public! untill they realize! that they become a flavor of the month! !!!! spicies in every conversation!!!!!! thats the result of hiding realtionship! they hide but it Shown in public!
How come that Hide! if they wanted to flirt in public! hahahaha how stupid that was......

You can't blame the public of their rejection in your relationship! I know others are brute in their words! because thats their opinion!

The Two Of You! nxt tym dnt hide! its ur benefits if both of u wont lie! to everybody! Dnt do Damn thing! specially if it is true!

But I can stop that thing Called LOVE!

its un stoppable feelings!!!!

Good to both of! Good Bless Your Realtionship

Thursday, November 8, 2007

...And I will do anything for love.

The beautiful secretary of the president of a bank goes on a sight-seeingtour with a very rich African king who was a very importantclient. The client out of the blue asks her to marry him. Naturally, the secretaryis quite taken aback. However, she remembers what her boss told her,...don't reject the guy outright. So, she tries to think of a way todissuade the businessman from wanting to marry her.So, after a few minutes, the woman says to the man, "I will only marry youunder three conditions. First, I want my engagement ring to be a 75-caratdiamond ring with a matching 200-carat diamond tiara."The African king pauses for awhile. Then, he nods his head and says, "Noproblem!! I have. I have."Realizing her first condition was too easy the woman says to the man, "Iwant you to build me a 100-room mansion in New York. As a vacation home, Iwant a chateau built in the middle of the best wine country in France."The African king pauses for awhile. He whips out his cellular phone andcalls some brokers in New York and in France. He looks at the woman, nodshis head and says, "Okay, okay. I build. I build." Realizing that she only has one last condition, the secretary knows thatshe'd better make this a good one. She takes her time tothink and finally she gets an idea. A sure-to-work condition. She squintsher eyes, looks at the man and says, rather coldly, "Since I like sex, Iwant the man I marry to have a 14-inch penis."The man seems a bit disturbed. He cups his face with his hands and restshis elbows on the table, all the while muttering in Africandialect.Finally, after what seemed like forever, the king shakes his head, lookingreally sad, and says to the woman, "Okay, okay. I cut. Icut."

Fire Truck

A fireman is at the station house working outside on the fire truck when he notices a little girl next door. The little girl is in a little red wagon with little ladders hung off the side. She is wearing a fireman's hat and has the wagon tied to a dog. The fireman says "Hey little girl. What are you doing?" The little girl says "I'm pretending to be a fireman and this is my fire truck!" The fireman walks over to take a closer look. "Little girl that sure is a nice fire truck!" the fireman says. "Thanks mister" says the little girl. The fireman looks a little closer and notices the little girl has tied the dog to the wagon by its testicles. "Little girl", says the fireman, "I don't want to tell you how to run your fire truck, but if you were to tie that rope around the dog's neck I think you could go faster." The little girl says, "You're probably right mister, but then I wouldn't have a siren!'