Monday, June 7, 2010

Sound of Souls


These what kind of life that I need to go through
I have no escaped I should live with it
In times that I need to show up, but I was afraid that it might cause rejection.
So I stay Behind the Bars as it seems that I was there outside.
I did it many times, thinking that I was not alone experience it.

Looking far away distance, thinking how a prisoner survive
By looking outside it somewhat there's a barriers protecting you not to proceed
But no one can stop this kind of things it is God's plan and it is our ways of continued existence.

Being in a private room alone, remembering the things that I missed up.
Was not enough for me to surrender this kind of life?
Behaving this way was my only means to coup up things that I missed.
The misery that I experience was not the only me to practice it.

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