Friday, November 9, 2007

Silent Romance

............ In hiding a relationship! it needs effort! and passion!
its really difficult to anyone who have done this thing! HIDING RELATIONSHIP they will gasp gossip! because of flirty things that they do in public! untill they realize! that they become a flavor of the month! !!!! spicies in every conversation!!!!!! thats the result of hiding realtionship! they hide but it Shown in public!
How come that Hide! if they wanted to flirt in public! hahahaha how stupid that was......

You can't blame the public of their rejection in your relationship! I know others are brute in their words! because thats their opinion!

The Two Of You! nxt tym dnt hide! its ur benefits if both of u wont lie! to everybody! Dnt do Damn thing! specially if it is true!

But I can stop that thing Called LOVE!

its un stoppable feelings!!!!

Good to both of! Good Bless Your Realtionship

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