Saturday, November 24, 2007

...... My first time writing this blog! i was really not sure how or where should i start. There are a lot of things blabbering in my mind!!!!! I really dnt know what my blog looks like! bbut in the middle of my brain discussion. i come up of the thought of something that is memeorable to everyone! I decided! to write a Happy Moments with my family, friends, and a lot more which have a memorable moment!.................... First i was really not sure if im going to publish this thing! I was bit shy because of my grammar! but Any ways who cares "Ila D ai Ni!" its my blog! and everyone has a right of privacy ( hehehehe) ....... I can imagine how my blog looks like if Im going to publish it,...

"See 'ya!" just make an impression! and put ur suggestion how will i create a NiCe Blog!..

Good Luck and GodBless!

Maclinalyn Zaportiza

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