Thursday, September 8, 2011

Have Faith in What U Believe

It been a long time not visiting this blog of mine.
But now I'm back for good and live a better life.

I was gone for almost a year, and now I'm return my journey in this jotting society.
Those days that I was not able to accomodate my hobbies.
I encounter so many thing and have chatted many people with different experiences in life.

While I was in my medication period in and outside the hospital.
God is always part of the conversation.
They were asking help from Him.
We are believers of once you asked with sincerity it will be given to you.

What will you do you if your faith have been test with some superstitious belief?

I always believe that TRUE GOD portray Goodness.
He will show you the way, the truth and the life.
He will guide you through all of your journey, whenever you need Him he always give you a sign. You may not see Him in-person but he will give you what you want in different way.
Just have Faith on HIM and He will provide.
Put all your worries, your angry and anything what your feel or need.
Because God is always with and everywhere.


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