Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Attitude and Characteristics of a Leader

Leader is simple definition of who rules, guides and inspires others. And have a certain quality of a “leadership”. A leader is not an easy position. Yes, it is not. Actually it is the fragile authority though easy to think. It is not about how good ruler you are, how many teammates you’ve influence to follow you. In general, which I also consider when I’m about to appoint someone they should have this following characteristic: talented, technical/specific skills, initiative, charismatic inspiration and service to a cause. And also leaders must know His/her priorities.

In a Team, Leader for me should posses a sense of “hearing” and “listening”. Two aspects are very common problem in terms of team evolution. If you we’re being appointed as a leader it means you have those values. You have to start believing yourself that “I am a good listener”. Because sometimes leader are stiff to what they believed they forgot the opinion of the others to be heard.

Whenever they have something to open up to every each member the leader should know what to do. In order to avoid blabbering and backbiting in a team. Those things are happenings because leader is lack of listening and sometimes it can bring to team war not teamwork. Leader should be bias. And also the leader should be prepared in every situation. She/he must the one to act or move first so that the team will know what to do and when to follow.

A leader knows how to handle the situation well which the other team can’t take the stressful period. I said it because in a team we are bound to count as one whenever the other member said for e.g. “I can’t bare it. Let’s go for cha-cha” everyone will automatically agree and sometimes other don’t. Because it is like a virus little by little other were influenced.

A leader should be open-minded, willing to accept failure; if they failed. A leader should enthusiastic so that the teammates fill the enthusiasm also. And so of that they will avoid the negative aspect and possible errors. Because the leader leads his/her team gracefully to their goals through proper planning.

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