Friday, May 2, 2008

My wildest Dream

=== Walking in the white sand of Paradise is like walking in the isle of happy marriage!.. Beyond that white sand is the black soil that holds on to the sand.

While on our way going to our destination, we never felt any hesistant that what might gonna happen next. We're just playing tricks, playing cards, and talk a lot of things that would comes out in our mind. Because it is really a long travel.
We never notice that its getting dark, I feel half a awake when I notice the light through my face it was a very nice view I ever seen in my life. Its like i was in heaven when i saw that thing. So at First I thought it was just a dream so I back to my place where i slept. But even my dream I always saw that place, it always appear in my memory but until now I cant name that view. Beacause I was just only 4 years old when I reached that place.

The paradise Look.

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