Thursday, March 6, 2008

How you will react if you found out that your Life is in Danger???

I the one who create this blog is facing a challenge! Its really hard to accept that one day I will be gone forever leaving the World where I experienced hows' My LIFE turning, bouncing and facing challenges.
In my fully charged body with dedicated ability according to my alliance, I never expected that i could be the victim of so called "malubhang karamdaman". I never thought that i could leave them in my early age.

I have no idea where i got this illness. I had a Rheumatic Heart Disease or MS Rheumatic

"I have Internal pain aching in my system that I never thought It brought my LIfe To Danger. My heart valve was in danger."

Why all this happen to ME!
Why should I suffer all that? in Besides!. I was really Healthy! never comes to my mind that i may Lose My Life in Instant.

I was deeply sobber when i found out that I'm Gonna DiE. I cry and I can't sleep thinking and Yet! it is really possible leaving people in my early age.

I cry when I think that I'm gonna leave my life after 23 years. I'm leaving my family, Im leaving my Love once specially the one who closes to my heart. I really missed them. and God knows I'm not Yet' ready leaving the world that full f challenges. I am afraid. I don't know it was mixed emotion.

Behind that I was now In LOVE, I can't afford to leave my boyfriend after all he suffers for me.He loves me so much and I love Him too. We have lots of dream and plan in the future.Even though the time comes that we quarrel it is easily solved because of HIM.

He DON'T Want To LOOSE me

And I don't want to Loose Him Too

Days goes by I realize that I have to accept the reality happening in my Life

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